Telegram starts one-on-one video calls to Android and iOS

Telegram app which is known for secure messaging has released a one-on-one video calls alpha version for both it’s Android and iOS devices, the company stated, “highlighted the need for face-to-face connectivity” in 2020.

Telegram explained the procedure for initiating a video call in a marking blog post on its seventh anniversary: click the user profile of the person you wish to talk. And during the call, easily switch video on or off at any time, and the video calls support picture-in-picture mode, so users can continue to scroll via the app if that call becomes annoying. Video calls also have end-to-end encryption, blog posts from Telegram stated one of the constitutive features of the app for its test and audio calls.

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“Our Android and iOS apps have been designed reproducible so that anyone can check the encryption and verify that their app uses the same open-source code that we compile with each update,”

The Telegram previously reported that it would introduce video group calls soon this year. This is not entirely so, but the company suggested in the latest blog post that “video calls will gain more functionality and enhancements in future releases as we are moving on group video calls in the upcoming months.”

In April 2020, Telegram said it had exceeded 400 million active users monthly.

We did not get to this great achievement alone – Telegram had never advertised, and all users were invited to the app by users they trusted. Strong principles and features of quality speak for themselves. We heard you too, and we will continue to improve Telegram apps that do far more than just a messaging application. We add today that you asked for – quick and secure video calls.

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