The Dilemma of Computer Science in Pakistan, and its solutions –ultimate tips for student

There was a time when BBA was the hottest trend in Pakistan and people, whether they had any interest or not, opted to study it. Which, also, however, resulted in passionless employees, job saturation and unemployment in the market.

No More Jobs for BBA Students

We don’t need to say that several people had their dreams shattered when they realized the dream they were sold as “Son/Daughter, study BBA. It has a lot of scopes” turned out to be a partial lie.

Now back to today’s world, we all know that computer science is being the hottest course to major in today’s world and that also includes Pakistan but just like the past, people have started pursuing the course like sheep for ‘scope’ instead of interest or passion. Parents of the students also force them to pursue computer science, just because they have seen their relative’s kid studying it and getting a good job. Parents think they are thinking about the future of their kids, but little do they know, they are really doing more harm than good.

While there are students who do study due to their enthusiasm about the subject, there are plenty of students studying due to societal pressure or a fallacious ‘scope’ dream. This results in students failing, skipping classes, getting involved in things they should be doing and the worst, becoming a dropout student which is leading them to lie, cheating, suicide, self-harm, depression, and other harmful stuff. Because the students didn’t ask themselves, weren’t asked or were never guided about what they wanted to pursue and what their interests were. This has also again created the problem of job saturation and unemployment in the market. Also, the employers aren’t very happy about the skill levels and soft skills of the recent graduates.

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The partial solution for this whole situation is first, of course, is to give students the autonomy to pursue their marketable interests. For those who are already in computer science due to societal pressure for any other reason, there is good news for them too.

Computer science is a very vast field which is not just limited to coding. It spans various fields such as design, marketing, etc. Students already in the field need to follow the following steps:

Jobs opportunities for Computer Science Students

  1. Realize they can still change their destiny.
  2. Work out what their passion is. A quick way is to take a quick look at what they enjoy doing (drawing, writing, marketing, etc.) or take a quiz such as this one found on jobs Canada website: divert their attention to learning their computer science skills related to their interest.

(For example, people who love drawing and design can learn graphic or web design, those who love to market things can become a digital marketer or those who love to help people can become customer service specialist, just to give a few examples.)

  1. For those whose passion and computer science don’t coincide in any way, there are also two ways for them:
  • They can pursue masters later in their interest in the field.
  • They can work in the industry of their field i.e. becoming a developer for a nonprofit organization.

All in all, in the end, the message for the students is: where there is a “will”, there is a “way”.

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