Google to Pay Owners of Faulty Pixel Phones Up to $500

Google has decided to pay approximately $500 to the owners of faulty Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones that have been manufactured just before 4th of January, 2017, as part of $7.25 million prices of a lawsuit settlement.

The search-engine giant “Google” to Pay Owners of Faulty Pixel Phones Up to $500

The suggested settlement contains grouped owners of Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL smartphones 2016 into four categories. The main reason is just to determine the level of settlement on which they are entitled.

According to The Verge report on Tuesday “The highest payout is due to be owed to anyone who returned a Pixel with a defective microphone, only to receive another defective device from the manufacturer.

These claimants could be paid up to $500 in the settlement. Any owners who had just a single defective device could get up to $350, while anyone who had to pay an insurance deductible could have its value repaid. Even Pixel owners who experienced no issues with their phones at all could get up to $20 from this settlement,”

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Google accepted that there was a problem with a few of the devices back in March 2017 when it declared that below one percent of Pixel smartphones had a “hairline crack in the solder connection on the audio codec” which was creating problems with calling and the smartphone’s voice assistant efficiency.

Just one year later, Google was criticized with court action by angry owners, against Google’s decision of selling the smartphones even though knowing about the problem.

The court’s final decision on the settlement approval in the Pixel case is due to take place on June 5.

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