The US extends complete ban on Huawei again until May 15

Huawei have to wait for Another 45 days

The United States has once again delayed the date when its full ban on doing business with Huawei comes into effect; the Commerce Department reported this week. The temporary general license, which is what allows companies to do business with Huawei still, will now take effect after May 15, instead of ending on April 1. Around the same time, the department also requests public feedback on this temporary license, including whether it needs to be modified or further expanded. ban on Huawei.

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For those who keep track, this is technically the fourth extension to the temporary license issued by the US government. The Commerce Department was swift to grant a temporary three-month license to allow Huawei to continue supporting its mobile phones and networking equipment. After initially banning the US. companies from doing business with Huawei back in May over fears that the Chinese government might use the company to spy on Americans. That was then extended this authorisation last August, November for another 90 days and then in February of this year for an additional 45 days.

For rural telecom providers and many of whom have grown dependent on Huawei’s networking equipment, the extension would be most important. The announcement by the Commerce Department states that it hopes suppliers will be able to use the 45-day extension to “identify alternatives to Huawei for potential operations.” The US government also plans to create a $1 billion fund to pay for the supplier’s equipment replacement. Last month, senators passed the bill which President Trump will now have to sign into law. ban on Huawei

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