Thousands of Ring Customers Had Personal Info Exposed in the Data Leak

This week, thousands of people using Ring cameras have allegedly been exposed to their personal information. According to a report from BuzzFeed News on Thursday, the login codes for 3,672 Ring users have been disclosed in a data leak, revealing addresses, passwords, time zones and names given to different Ring cameras.

The Company said in a statement Thursday that a data breach has not fallen victim, noting that stealing data from “other company’s data breaches” and building password lists that could be used in attempts to gain access to other services is not unusual for bad actors.

A Ring spokesperson. “Our security team has investigated these incidents, and we have no evidence of an unauthorized intrusion or compromise of Ring’s systems or network,”

Ring said it will now alert customers whose accounts have been marked as being compromised and their passwords reset. The Company owned by Amazon also said it allows all users to protect their accounts by requiring two-factor authentication.

According to BuzzFeed News, with the details in the data leak, hackers might reach the home address of a Ring user, telephone number, and payment information. We may also be able to access live video from account-related working Ring cameras.

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BuzzFeed said it confirmed the breach by “confirming the leaked information with four users whose log-ins have been hacked.” A security expert told BuzzFeed News that the data structure indicates that it may have been taken from a corporate directory rather than accessed by login stuffing, which is when previously disclosed email and password combinations are used to gain access to other accounts.

It comes after stories of hackers hacking into Ring cameras and harassing people in their homes have circulated the world. The Company also said that attacks have not compromised their business networks and are the product of consumers reusing passwords that have been breached in other breaches of security.

Ring now faces growing privacy concerns with its smart doorbells to help police create a surveillance network. For more than a year, police agencies that partnered with Ring had access to a database showing the location of the wireless doorbells. This feature was removed in July.

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