Top important tips to write perfectly SEO optimized content

If we talk about search engine optimization, it is a technique to rank higher your web pages in search engines for more readers by increasing visibility in search engines and traffic. Content is the king to rank higher your website in search engines and it should be SEO friendly.

SEO Optimized Content

SEO optimized content attracts search engine traffic. To write SEO optimized content one needs good writing skills that will make your article readable and interesting. Besides this you have to know about strategic placement and planning of keywords in text and inclusion of hyperlinks as well that will increase your page readership. So by following these tips, you can write SEO optimized content.

Get search on keywords to write SEO optimized content:

Keyword search is very important before start writing to generate traffic through search. Keywords are phrases or words that people search on search engines to get specific information. So to find these keywords you first need to understand who your audience is, what kind of information they need and which keywords they are using to find it. So choose those keywords that are related to your products, services that you want to sell and your audience’s search intent.

  • You can use free and paid keyword tools to search keywords i.e. Google keyword planner tools, LSI graphs and paid tools like Ahrefs, Serpstat, semrush, etc.
  • keywords usage: After searching keywords, make a list of keywords and use focused keywords wisely in specific parts of your article such as  title, headlines, meta descriptions, ALT tags and in the whole content body

Outline your article with focused keywords to write SEO optimized content:

Your article must be informative, entertaining, useful, engaging and well written because useful information makes more people continue reading it. Besides this, Good and well-written content drives traffic and attract many readers to visit your website.

The good article attracts link marketers to link their websites to yours and advertisers also use your page for their advertisements.

As the title is an important part of effective SEO optimized content, give a title to your article. It is necessary to present your focused keywords on your title. Google gives great importance to the title and sees whether it is SEO friendly or what about the article is.

Divide your article in heading, subheading and in bullets:

  • When you divide your article into headings and subheadings, your user ultimately will stay on your page for a long time. Make sure that you have used your main keywords in your headings and needs to make sense. you can use the main keyword in main heading H1 and use related or synonyms in H2, H3 or so on.
  • Using bullets and media files helps in a better understanding of the article to your audience.
  • Make sure you have used or put the most important keywords at the start of the first paragraph. Try to use these keywords in the first sentence of the article and the last sentence of the article.
  • Make sure your keyword density is up to 3% in 300 words article because if you overuse the keywords Google will consider it as keywords stuffing.
  • Bold all the keywords in your content to emphasize your keywords more and put a high effect on Google algorithms when it scans the article.
  • To correct spelling and sentence structure mistakes, grammatically check your article. You can check it by Grammarly chrome and adding its chrome extension on your working laptop.

Optimize your images for SEO optimized content:

Besides text, audio, video, and pdf, the content consists of images as well. Images make your content interesting and easy to understand for your audience. Besides this, if your content has relevant and attractive images to your products or services then your user will buy that product from your website. so if you want to add relevant images you need to do properly image optimization with the keyword that you have used in the whole content.

Include inbound and outbound hyperlinks in the article:

Whether it is an inbound link or outbound link they should relevant to your topic.

  • Inbound link: those hyperlinks that you give within your website from one page to another page .you highlight word and add your other page to which you want to link. For example, if you have talked about services on the home page and have given detailed information on the services page then you can highlight any word on your home page and link it to your services page within your website.
  • Outbound links: outbound links that you give outside your website i.e link your site to other sites or your web page to web page of other website or domain. Before building outbound links make sure you have linked to that web site or page that has sound information about your topic and that website is not penalized by Google. So highlight your keyword within your article and link it with another website that can give more detail information about it.
  • Change your keywords in clickable link preferably keywords that are at the beginning and ending in your article to allow Google to more emphasize the keywords.

Share your content on social media:

If you have written new interesting and rich SEO optimized content and want to let people know about it, share your new article link on social media like on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler and encourage people to share it more and easily.

Optimization of article length:

In the past, articles or blog post were of several hundred words but nowadays Google gives importance to longer and high-quality content such as article need to be from 500 to 2000 words. because Google wants to give the best and detail answers to the user’s query.

For this purpose, you can take help from Google Analytics reports to see which content has the highest engagement, visited the most and for the longest time and after getting information set your approach that will work best for your niche.

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Write quality and readable content:

  • Write quality, informative, useful and entertaining content as Google gives value to high-quality content and ranks it in its search results against your competitors. This content engages your visitors in large numbers.
  • To make your content readable, it should have clarity, organization, logic, and simplicity and should be easy to understand. People stay for a longer time if your content is understandable and this will ultimately help your content to rank in Google.
  • Do an original search for your content and include fresh studies, statistics, and information in it. By having original content on your website, you provide incredible value to your audience and your industry and people like to get a link to your website.

During writing your SEO optimized content follow these steps and rank it in search engines.


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