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Top Ten Most Expensive Laptops 2019

The advancement of Artificial Intelligence shows that there will be more and more expensive smarter and powerful laptops developed in the near future.

The evolution of technology has surprised the mankind. There is no more requirement for an old desktop computer. The most expensive, modern and gaming laptops have taken their place. Technology becomes cheaper when it gets excessive use. But, the applications make a device expensive. If a laptop is high-priced, the first and foremost feature it should have is to ensure the security from cyber theft.

Top Ten Most Expensive Laptops 2019
Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

The advancement of Artificial Intelligence shows that there will be more and more expensive smarter and powerful laptops developed in the near future.

A laptop has a number of features. Everyone may define the expensiveness of a laptop differently. One may consider the gold or diamond plating the most important feature that makes it expensive. The other may take its power as the most important characteristic. But the price is definitely the most important feature in the perspective of expensiveness. Let us see the top ten most expensive laptops in 2019 with respect to their price:


  1. MJ’s Swarovski & Diamond Studded Notebook

Top Ten Most Expensive Laptops 2019
MJ’s Swarovski & Diamond Studded Notebook

MJ’s Swarovski & Diamond Studded Notebook is number 1 as the most expensive laptop in the world. Its price is 3.5 million US Dollars. Now, what makes it costly? Its body is gold and diamond plated. Its color is black and white. Its other costly versions include Sony Vaio BlackWood, Asus Lamborghini Platinum Crocodile, ASUS Eepc VIP Swarovski, and Acer Ferrari Gold Python. It contains high-priced leather, such as croc or snakeskin, luxury gadgets accessories and gold-colored mouse.

  1. Luvaglio: one million dollar laptop

Top Ten Most Expensive Laptops 2019

Luvaglio is world’s second most expensive laptop, costing 1 million US Dollars. There are diamonds embedded in the body of this laptop. Its memory is 128 GB. It is available in metal as well as wood. It comes with ten years warranty. Its screen is 17” having the self-cleaning feature. The Luvaglio laptop supports fingerprint ignition, thus providing complete security from theft or misuse. It powers on/off from a diamond button. It is a fully customized laptop, i.e. the user can himself set the design, specs, and material according to his own choice.

  1. Tulip EGO Diamond

Top Ten Most Expensive Laptops 2019
Tulip EGO Diamond

A Dutch company has specifically designed the Tulip EGO Diamond laptop for those who can afford. It is worth 355k US Dollars. Its memory is 160 GB, RAM is 2 GB and the processor is AMD. It is made up of white-colored golden plates of solid palladium and eighty carats diamonds. Even, the tulip logo has been made using two square-cut rubies. It is more suitable for a common user than for a professional because its design is more attractive as compared to its functionality.


Top Ten Most Expensive Laptops 2019

EGO is a famous brand that has introduced a car and a laptop matching the vehicle shape. Its cost is 20000 US Dollars. Its manual decoration of white gold and leather cover makes it expensive. Its memory is 160 GB and the processor is AMD Turion four mobile processor. The company has only issued 250 laptops complementing to their car. It is a multi-tasking computer. It contains twelve specific keys that are a shortcut to various applications, including webcam, Bluetooth and WiFi.

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Top Ten Most Expensive Laptops 2019

Voodoo Envy H171 comes with two versions. The cheaper one costs around 4500 USD while the expensive one is worth 8500 US Dollars. It comes with twenty-four designs. The user can choose whatever design he likes. Its memory is 600 GB with 3 drives and processor is Core 2 extreme. It has a 1.3 MP camera and the hard disk is dual. Its screen is seventeen inches. The company launched its first version in 2007. The tech gurus considered it the most expensive and powerful laptop and objected on its price.


Top Ten Most Expensive Laptops 2019
The 24-carat gold MacBook Pro

Apple MacBooks are very expensive all around the world. Now, it introduces MacBook Pro costing 6000 US Dollars. It will not be wrong to say that Apple has showered this laptop with gold.

There is a diamond fixed in its logo. It has become much popular in the tech community. Its memory is 256 GB. Apple has used a soft touch technique to design it.



Top Ten Most Expensive Laptops 2019

Rock Xtreme is 7th most expensive laptop worldwide. It is basically a gaming laptop and no doubt, the most powerful one. Its price is 5500 US Dollars in the market. It has also another great feature which makes it the most unique laptop, i.e. its speed is fastest. You will definitely be curious to know about its processor that makes it so. That is Intel Core 2-Quad. Its memory is 256 GB. Its company is based in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, Rock Xtreme could not get as much success in the UK as they expected.

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Top Ten Most Expensive Laptops 2019

In the ranking of most expensive laptops, ALIENWARE AREA 51 M15X is at 8th rank. Its market-price is 5000 US Dollars. Its speed is ultra-fast and look is quite sophisticated. Its memory is 200 GB and the processor is Intel Core 2 Extreme X9000. It could not get many sales because of its clumsy and heavy appearance.




Top Ten Most Expensive Laptops 2019

Lenovo Thinkpad W700DS costs 4500 US Dollars. Its performance is really high because its RAM is 4 GB. It comes with 128 GB memory and Intel Core 3 Extreme QX9300 processor. Its unique feature is its auxiliary screen, i.e. 1st dual display laptop in the whole world. It boots in a very short time, say 1 minute or even less. But now, the company has stopped selling it.


  1. DELL M6400 LAPTOP

Top Ten Most Expensive Laptops 2019

The performance of the Dell M6400 is excellent. It costs 3000 US Dollars. With respect to price, we can rank it 10th most expensive laptop around the globe. The tech gurus regard it the best scalable laptop. Its storage capacity is one TB. The interface used in this laptop is eSATA. It is suitable for professional developers, designers, analysts, animators, and engineers.


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