Twitter now simplifies adding new tweets to old threads

Twitter has changed the Interface to make the addition of new tweets to old threads simpler. (No, it’s not an “edit tweet” feature.) When you write a new tweet, you’ll be able to view your previous tweets and conversations to the composition window. You’d have to go back and find the threads beforehand, then adding the new tweet at the end.

According to TechCrunch, it looks like the “continue thread” functionality is now accessible to some users of Twitter’s iOS app.


Here is how it’ll work: choose which older tweet you want to link the new tweet to while writing the new tweet. Then in the earlier tweet, click on the three dots menu and select the “continue thread” option. Now, the new tweet is part of the original thread.

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It’s the latest update to the threading concept that Twitter launched in 2017 that allows tweetstorm compositions all at once, rather than forcing users to reply again and again to chronologically organized tweets to connect them. Twitter updated its iOS app last month so that users could see more answers from people they follow.

We’re trying to find out when a new feature “continue thread” is made available to all users, and when we receive a response, we’ll update.

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