Twitter Started Crackdown against the “Spammers”

Microblogging website Twitter is going to take a big step against the spammers to clean and make its platform more reliable. This crackdown is to eliminate the spammers from “Following” a hundred accounts at once in a day. The total number is being reduced to 400, while earlier, anybody was able to follow as many as one hundred accounts in a day.

The company “Twitter” tweeted from its official account “Follow, unfollow, follow, unfollow. Who does that? Spammers. So we are changing the number of accounts you can follow each day from 1000 to 400. Don’t worry. You will be just fine”.

Now! A big question of how limiting the number to 400 will eliminate the spammers.

Yoel Roth (Head of site integrity at Twitter) explained this question. He said, limiting the number to 400 will make spammers less effective in general.

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Yoel Roth Said that “we found that nearly half of all accounts who made more than 400 follows per day were churning. That amounted to more than 20 million follows each day, and a high rate of blocks and spam reports— a clear signal that inorganic follows are super annoying.

He further added that 99.87% of users are not affected by this new limit.

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