Types of Digital Currencies and Technologies


The idea of digital cash was introduced in 1983 by DAVID. During the past, there has been continuous development in financial technologies as consumers shift towards online and mobile financial services. The finance industry is examining progress in business expertise and increasing purchaser liking towards online business services. In this case, central banks are allowing for their role as the issue of cash. This includes all types of electronic money. It can be assembled depending on what technology they rely on.

In the case of the banking industry, the banks do not accept this Currency as they think the digital currencies are risky because of their uncertainty.


Digital Currency is the way payment which is presented only in electronic form, and this is intangible. Digital Currency can be relocated between users and entities with the help of technologies like computers, mobile phones, and the internet.”

This type of Currency is a way of switchover that is made, stored and transferred through systems. Digital Currencies is also called as electronic Currency or digital money. This is a type which is available in a digital form such as banknotes and coins etc. These currencies are not related to any government or authority or presented in a physical way, such as coins, notes, etc.

It reveals properties like to physical Currency. It can allocate for transactions and internationally transfer of ownership on the spot.

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The digital currencies are

  • Virtual Currencies
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • The money offered by Central Bank described for in a computer list.

Like traditional money, these currencies may be used to buy substantial goods and services.


There is a valuable list of companies which allow this type of Currency.

  • Finance:

Establishment: 2017, China, Hong Kong

Services: BitCoin exchange and wallet provider

  • com:

Japan, Tokyo


  • Bingo:

2013, San Francisco, California

  • Bit Main:

2013, China, Beijing

  • info:

2011, Luxembourg

  • Batmen:

2014, Hong Kong, China

Services: Cryptocurrency, derivatives

  • Coin Check:

The establishment is in 2014, Tokyo, Japan. The services are bitcoin/ether exchange, payment service provider and donation-based bitcoin, etc.

  • CoinDesk:

The establishment is in 2013, New York City, U.S.

  • CoinFloor:

It is established in 2013 U.K. London. It provides the service of the bitcoin exchange.

  • Gemini:

Gemini is established in 2015 in U.S. New York City. It provides the services of “bitcoin” and “Ethereum”.

  • General Bytes:

It was established in 2013, and it offers BitCoin ATM and point of sale (POS) manufacturer.

  • Xapo:

It is established in 2014, Switzerland, Zurich.

It is a provider of wallet, bitcoin exchange, and debit card, etc.

Importance of Digital Currencies:

Some benefits are discussed below, which represent the importance of Digital Currencies.


  • Fewer operation charges:

Credit card charges can be very unreasonable, especially for worldwide usage. It allows the businessman to make less charge for their business operations. They can make

  • No chargebacks:

Sometimes the customer buys a product then asks for a full refund through the credit card company for some stupid reason. This looks like a cost on the business concern.

  • Quicker acceptance of finances through inheritance financial institutions:

This Currency provides a more rapid way to make your transaction internationally.

  • No increase in prices:

This type of Currency helps to control rising in prices.

  • Client Trust:

Digital Currencies makes the clients and customers, trust you.

  • Get foreigners trust:

This method helps the businessman to win the trust of outsiders so that they will make their investments trustfully.

  • Fraud shield:

The usage of Digital Currencies is safe to make a payment through electronics. Some websites claim your delicate information and identity, and this can be unsafe. But making payments through digital Currency does not request private information such as your email and your personality.

  • Allow the persons to make simple worldwide expenses:

There are also some risks of this type of currency, and you are needed to be attentive before choosing the Currency. The Digital Currencies are a new idea in the business industry for online trade, but the banks do not allow this Currency for dealing use. There is also abusive of prices.

In the end, the cryptocurrencies have absolutely capability to make a significant change in the business industry. This Currency also provides other benefits which the real money does not. With bonuses, some problems are also in case of digital currencies.

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