What is 5G Technology? Everything you need to know

5G is the fifth-generation wireless technology that will ultimately supersede, or at least improve your 4G LTE connection. It is extensively supposed to be smarter and more efficient than 4G. With 5G, you’ll see faster download and upload speeds at an exponential rate. 5G speed will range from ~50Mbps to over 2 gigabits at the start and is expected to grow even 100Gbps, 100x faster than 4G.

Fundamental Cause Why 5G is Important

5G is not only paramount as it can support oodles of devices at super-fast speeds. It’s most likely to have the potential of transfiguring the lives of people around the world. Ameliorations in 5G Technology can help in making our lives exceptional and one step ahead.

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Key Features of 5G

  • This Technology can gather all networks o one platform.
  • 5G has insurance of the coverage of wide-area, i.e., 100 % coverage.
  • Download and upload speeds will be higher.
  • Low latency service – up to 1 millisecond.
  • The availability of multiple data transfer rate is about 99.999%.
  • Energy efficiency and spectral efficiency are excellent.
  • An average data rate of few gigabits per second can easily be achieved.
  • Fast, intelligent and infallible network
  • Easily manageable with the previous generations.
  • PCs can be controlled by handsets using this Technology.
  • This Technology can also help in reducing the crime rate.
  • Natural disasters such as tsunami and earthquakes etc. can be detected faster.

According to the MIT Technology Review, 5G represents a technological paradigm shift similar to the jump from the typewriter to the computer. The prediction is that it’ll provide a high level of connectivity never before seen.

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Swedish telecom giant Ericson predicts that ultrafast 5G internet will cover up 65 % of the world’s population by the end of 2025.

5G is still some time away for consumers; one of the most apparent applications of this technology will be to replace your home broadband service. It’s expected tremendously anticipated features such as IoT in general, mobile game streaming, internet-connected cars, and remote control of crucial devices.

So far as we know, 5G offers an extensive range of features which would surely be advantageous for all categories of people including engineers, doctors, teachers, students, government and administrative bodies and common people; it has some shortcomings as well.

  • As compared to other mobile networks, 5G is the more expensive and high-budget network. A large number of engineers and technical workers are required for the installation and maintenance of this network.
  • It will surely take time for the common man to use 5G Technology, as 5G smartphones are high-priced.

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