Thanks to a US trade ban, Huawei has got lost practically every business partner they have like Google, ARM, and Corning. All the business have plunged the Chinese Telecommunication company and smartphone manufacturer into unrivaled problems. however, other major partners of Huawei like Microsft.

What penalties could face the companies that are ignoring the Huawei ban?

The Microsoft is still quiet and has not revealed any official declaration about Huawei’s ban. Microsoft did quietly removed Huawei laptops from its official website, but all of us, still in the dark and don’t know about the Microsoft upcoming plans to relieve symptoms of the ban.

Microsoft is actually one of biggest software partner of Huawei to maintain windows and on a number of Huawei laptops which have to get directly licensed and updated by the company. It is probably easy to understand that Microsoft is simply being quiet because they know the sensitivity of the concerns,

A big question raises in every mind just because of Microsoft’s silence, if Microsoft or any other Huawei’s business partner company ignores the Business order and maintains the business with Huawei, what kind of problems would they face?

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