What pricing of the Pixel 4a suggest us about Google and the pandemic market?

Google’s latest smartphone Pixel 4a will get a US price of $349, at least $50 less than its lowest-priced smartphone so far. This phone is also affordable than the $399 iPhone SE from Apple, which went on the market in April.

But Google is slowly losing its image as a luxury smartphone manufacturer by driving down its pixel series entry point with the new release — the Pixel 4 XL base variant had cost $899.

“The Pixel A-series phones, much like Apple’s iPhone SE, are critical for expanding the audience of consumers who spend comfortably for a premium brand phone but at a mid-range price,” said Frank Gillet, VP and Senior Analyst at Forrester research. “So, it’s critical to have a Pixel 4a shipped before the Pixel 5 fall launch.”

The Pixel 4a is not cheap enough in markets like Pakistan and India to compete on the Redmi Note 9 Pro or Realme 6. Yet with specifications such as its 5.8-inch OLED screen, Snapdragon 730 G processor, 128 GB storage and long-lasting life pledge, it will provide an alternative to midrange rivals such as the OnePlus 6 and iPhone SE across markets.

The single 12.1 MP camera offers features such as portrait mode, HDR Plus and the exclusively dedicated night mode that helps you to take fantastic shots in low light. Furthermore, thanks to the astrophotography feature that is also available in the costly Pixel 4, you can capture stars in the sky too. These are capabilities that are now relevant to the current Pixel series.

Gillet is optimistic when he says that Google is targeting those buyers who don’t purchase smartwatches at regular price but want something almost as great at half the amount.   Google, who is the world’s richest tech giant, considers the Pixel 4a as a product most users will like to use, regardless of user behaviour. It is a small device that fits comfortably into the pocket and guarantees app updates for three years.

Those are innovations that could help Google catch up to Apple and Samsung on the US and Western Europe ‘s traditional smartphone markets. While Google isn’t a mainstream smartphone maker like Apple, the Pixel 4a would change that, but only at the price of their high-end smartphones such as the Pixel4 and the Pixel 4 XL.

“It’s not Google trying to outperform Samsung,” Gillet says. “It is like a Surface phone from Microsoft – they are leadership phones, reflecting Google’s full dream of questioning and empowering their product partners to improve their offers.”

Google’s hardware entry was the main story a years ago. Still, the Pixel devices – despite the unique camera technology, enhanced user interface and better app experience– could not make a real impact on the Android world, let alone the smartphone market in general. Google has changed its pricing policy over the previous year, introducing the latest A-series of inexpensive smartphones to the list.

The new entry-level smartphone, the Pixel 4a, will propel the narrative from the Pixel 3a. For Google, the most successful product could be Pixel 4a-both in terms of profit and its effect on the Pixel brand. Industry insiders say the Pixel 4a is arriving at the best time when people find it difficult to rationalize increasing mobile costs. As a result, most people are stick to their smartphones for a more extended period.

Amid the COVID-19, the release of Pixel 4a also shows how tech giants like Google are reacting to low user spending. In recent times, Apple has even attempted to introduce a smartphone that targets budget customers. The iPhone SE, which usually sells for $399, is equipped with the same A13 Bionic chip used in the iPhone 11 series. Even OnePlus reimagines how to make midrange smartphones with the OnePlus Nord, a deviation from its previous sales strategy of selling only android phones.

There’s no indication how the Pixel 4a will be greeted on the marketplace, but it’s obviously dropping among high-end flagship phones and cheap budget phones, a new crop of affordable phones that offers half cost the flagship price. This may be the latest division of the volume through geographic regions.

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