WhatsApp is working on many New Features Like Group invitation control system, Dark mode and much more. As per reports, a new feature “Advanced Search” will now be available to iOS beta App users in future Updates. This feature will allow the user to search links, Photos, GIFs and Audios with have existing features of WhatsApp like text Search. This new feature will be also available to Android users.

WhatsApp Advance Search Feature for IPhone “Coming Soon”
WhatsApp Advance Search Feature for iPhone “Coming Soon”

WhatsApp has already a Search Feature which allows the user to search specific chats. But now the “Advanced Search” feature will allow a user to search multiple types of chats, messages, Photos, GIF Images, Audio and other Documents.  Using the “Advanced Search” Option, the user can search all the required files which were shared in all joined chats and groups in a “List Format” This search result will also show a preview, so it is not necessary to open search results to see the result. The result will be filtered with specific keywords in the search bar.

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This search result results will remain the same even if you search for Links, Documents or GIF Images. The new “Advanced Search” feature will also report the user’s search history. The user can clear all the history and recent searches if they want.

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