WhatsApp: How to Know If you are blocked by “Someone”

As we all know that “WHATSAPP” is a very handy app for instant messaging, voice and video call. We can also send and receive the attached files like audio, video and some other documented files. Among all the instant features, WhatsApp also offers to block a user or contact that you don’t want to talk anymore.

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You have no short way to know either blocked by someone or not. But there are some signs that you can find out and confirm, you have been blocked or not. If you are not assured but feel that you have been blocked, you can try some tips below to confirm.

  1. Contact’s Last Seen

Look for the contact’s online or “last seen status” in the chat menu. This is the simplest way to check If you are blocked or not. But you cannot confirm the blocked status only with this option because there is a possibility that user on the other side may have just changed the settings for “online” or “Last seen” status.

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  1. Contact’s Profile Photo

In case you are not blocked on WhatsApp, you can see the user’s profile picture’s status. But if you are blocked, you cannot see profiles pictures changes. You will always see the profile picture that they used when you was chatting with them, you should understand that you are blocked.

  1. Send a message to WhatsApp user’s contact

By sending a message to a “WhatsApp contact” that you want to confirm if you are blocked. You will see the message delivery option, “double check mark”. But if you see one check mark after sending a message. Oops, you have been blocked.

  1. Confirm with a WhatsApp call.

Every time you attempts for a call through WhatsApp, your call will not go through if you are blocked.

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  1. WhatsApp Group

You all must know that all of the above options can fail by a network error. Now you may try to create a WhatsApp friends group including the contact you feel has blocked you. If you received a message “You are not authorized to add this contact. It means you are surely been blocked.


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