WhatsApp IN-APP Safe Browsing

WhatsApp is now developing (as per reports) a new feature which will allow opening a shared link through an in-app browser. This feature will be integrated with most recent versions up to 2.19.74. The version 2.19.74 is already submitted on Google play with the beta program.

WhatsApp Forwarding info Feature


Although this new feature of Whatsapp is not available and still under development, will show the in-app browser whenever a user will try to open link in a chat or conversation.

The new feature will also take care of user privacy and will use the Android API (Application Program Interface) to access a link.  That means Facebook and Whatsapp cannot read the information about the websites which the user explored. Because WhatsApp and Facebook will not have access to your search history because of Android API key.

In-app safe browsing feature will also be able to detect and suspicions links or malicious attacks and will notify the user about it, and also will prevent the user to access any unsafe browsing links and website. Although the main reason for these kinds of restrictions is not known yet.

IN-APP browser feature will be rolled out for up to Android 4.1 Version.

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