WhatsApp new feature

WhatsApp is testing a new feature for Android smartphones. This new feature about the Media Menu which could process with an individual chat or group chat. Users will be allowed to find in the chat what media was actually shared.

WhatsApp new Features in Beta Version

This feature will allow the user for setting up the media as a group icon, profile photo, wallpaper and viewing all media in the chat with a new addition of single file rotate option. All these changes will make it easy to simplify the media menu. And will reduce the number of options experienced by WhatsApp users.

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WhatsApp Android beta version carries out the new options for WhatsApp users to view the media section of an individual chat or a group chat. Moreover the browsing images in the media section of a chat. The user can see these options in the “three dotted” menu which is located in the upper right-hand corner in WhatsApp App. These options also may allow the user weather turned on as “show in chat or “set as, and “Rotate”

In this new feature, users will able to find out from where the media was actually shared. The “set as” options will allow the user to choose whether to use it as a “wallpaper” set as a group icon or as a profile Image. The Rotate options will enable users to rotate an image many times as the user wants. Directly from the image preview section. Rather than opening the image and then rotate it left or right.

WhatsApp for Android beta version also has 21 new emojis and the fingerprint activation and authentication feature.

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