WhatsApp New Features “Forwarding info”

Whatsapp is working on two new features to more enhance the app. The feature will help the user to know how many of times a specific message has been forwarded.

The Frequently forwarded and Forwarding info features are not available in all running and previous versions. But now WhatsApp is trying to develop a Beta Version update for the Android.

In the WhatsApp version 2.19.80 beta, WhatsApp started to work on a new feature called “Forwarding Info”. This new feature will allow the user to have more information about a message.

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The new feature “Forwarding info” will allow users to know the number of times a message has been forwarded. The “Forwarding Info” Feature is only available for sent messages.

WhatsApp has made some different limitations about forwarding message in different countries. When a message has been forwarded more than FOUR times, that means the message is frequently forwarded.

This feature will help Android users to understand “How much popular a Message is”. But if a message which will be forwarded for too many times, it may contain spam or incorrect information.

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