Google Inbox will shut down on April 2, 2019. Google first announced this in September 2018 that Google inbox will no more after March 2019. But most of the people don’t know about why Google is shutting down inbox.

Google is shutting down Google inbox on April 2, 2019

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So, this article helps you to better understand why Google shutdown Google inbox.

Google wants Gmail to grow in the market and Google have all the track record of users who use Google inbox. Track record of specific features that are being used in Google inbox. So, Google starts implementing those features in Gmail. Now you get most of the used features of Google inbox in Gmail.

Another reason that Google inbox is not getting frequent updates and get slow down “reviews by the users”. Because Google is not focusing on Google inbox and made all the important features of Google inbox in Gmail. So, now there is no reason Google inbox still stand then Google decides to shut down Google inbox.

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