Creative writing is an interesting art. People write their stories, poems, essays, letters, business letters, applications, reference letters, and E-books, etc. when someone writes a story or a poem he/she tries to make a good impression to the people. He tries that there should be a lesson and a message for the audience. A writer selects the audiences that are the audience kids, bachelors or older.

This is important to know about your audience.

  • Who are they?
  • What’s their age?
  • What’s their taste?
  • What are they like or dislike?
  • Are they like poems or stories?
  • What kind of stories and poems they like or dislike.

These are some important questions that are always in the mind of a writer. He should know about the season, time, etc. to give reasonable attention to their work.

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The writing is not just a hard work but it is also a good way to convey your message to your audience. Employers convey their messages through notice or emails to their employees. Now there is a big question that how to write something? The good answer is there should be a meaningful proposes of your writing. It means that what you are going to write and why? This is also an important factor to start your writing.

There are different types of writing for example story writing, business letter writing, book writing, copywriting and resume writing, etc. Some people rewrite the articles, different plays, stories, and the most famous category is ghostwriting. The writers also write their stories for film industries, drams, and other well-known plays.

Formatting and designing is also a good part of creative writing. Inserting the bullets, headings, colors give a professional look to your topic.

You are writing a topic’s heading in different creative ways, is known as creative writing.

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