You can now play Fortnite at 120 frames per seconds on your iPad Pro

Epic Games has just released a new version for Fortnite’s iOS (Update) that activates a niche-but-cool feature if you have the hardware to support it: the new iPad Pro 120 frames per seconds (fps) mode. This feature makes full use of the high refresh rate on the screen to provide ultra-smooth performance. The update also adds support for thumbstick buttons on the controller.

We tried out the 120 frames per seconds mode for a few rounds, but the difference is clear, but not sure how many people play competitive Fortnite on an iPad. Occasionally the frame rate runs down into the 100s or 90s, which we are sure will happen more often if you’re playing on end for hours, but otherwise, the game produces the advertised 120 frames per seconds.

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Automatically activating the mode lowers the quality and sets the visual settings to “normal,” just as you can only run at 60 frames per seconds with “high” backgrounds and 30 frames per seconds with “epic.” It’s a pretty significant visual change, but then again, we used to completely deactivate textures to try to get an advantage back in the day at Quake III Arena, so we are sure the tradeoff will be worth it for others.

With the launch of the iPhone XS and XR in 2018, Epic first added 60 frames per seconds support to Fortnite on iOS. At the point, it was the only way to play the game on the go at 60 fps— the Nintendo Switch update is limited to 30 frames per seconds, though many Android higher-end phones now also support the faster frame rate. The game runs on the PS4 and Xbox One at 60 fps and you can, of course, run the PC version at any frame rate if your hardware is capable.

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