YouTube upgrades the mobile app to the improved TV experience

YouTube is trying to make it easier for users on any platform they choose to view, watch, control, and have the complete YouTube experience. In a blog post published last week, YouTube detailed updates to its mobile apps this year made by its product team, including a new feature that allows people to voice search on either the iOS or Android device, even when their phone casts on a Screen.

“Today we’re excited to share new features and updates that we’ve brought to the YouTube app for TV screens, game consoles and other streaming devices in 2019. Read on for more details!”

You can search for dinner recipes on your computer, for example, and the material will appear on your devices that suit what you hope to find. The company also said that now, when playing from a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro, people can watch videos in HDR.

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Many possible changes do tend to be in the works for the Android mobile app. In addition to the new voice controls, the German publication SmartDroid notes that some Android users have found an update that enables their mobile app to function more like a remote control while casting. The update includes a directional pad that makes it easier to navigate the app and find videos, as well as providing faster access to captions and quality controls.

While all these changes in the app are small overall, they speak to the concentrated effort of the video platform to build up the mobile and TV app experience, probably in an attempt to make the transition from streaming on your phone to your TV and back to your phone again seamless.

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